About Erik

Erik Bertrand Larssen is a performance consultant who energizes people to think differently, embrace what he calls “emotional contrasts,” and make small adjustments to their daily actions to experience a successful career and happier life. He is the creator of The Bertrand Method.

Central to the Bertrand Method is that even subtle shifts can create big changes in your life that become habits for success. He believes that change is achievable and more possible than people imagine.

Growing up in Norway, Erik was always the smallest kid in the class. He was bullied by his peers. At 12 years old, after having been targeted in an excessive round of “dynking,” when kids push snow up your clothes, Erik left the schoolyard, went home, and decided enough was enough. He was determined to one day become the toughest, bravest person in Norway – and that to him was a Norwegian paratrooper.

Six years later, Erik began his career as an officer in the Norwegian military. After completing the legendary “Hell Week” for the second time, Erik was selected for the paratroopers in the Norwegian army. He has served in Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, and Macedonia as part of NATO operations with elite troops such as the British Special Air Service.

Erik holds a Master’s Degree in business economics. After leaving the military, he worked in the telecom industry, moved into headhunting and then started mental and career coaching on the side. Today, Erik is the number one mental trainer in Norway with clients ranging from business executives to Olympic athletes. His international clients include Microsoft, the Boston Consulting Group and Statoil, the largest oil company in Norway.

Erik has trained world ranked golf champion Suzann Pettersen, Olympic medalist and World Cup champion skier Martin Johnsrud Sundby, Norway National Football Team player, Joshua King, and the Norwegian Olympic cross country ski team, among other notable athletes.

Erik is also the best-selling author of No Mercy and Hell Week that have sold more than 400,000 copies and have been translated into thirteen languages around the world. Simon and Schuster will publish Erik’s first book in the United States in 2016.

In 2015, TV3 Norway launched the reality documentary series, Bertrand’s Method with Erik as the host. On the show, Erik helps regular people turn their lives around and reach goals that they never thought were possible.

Erik, the father of four and married to Louise Mohn Larssen, travels between his hometown of Oslo in Norway and New York City.